During the current period of lockdown, places of worship are not permitted to gather people for communal worship.

They are however permitted to offer times for personal prayer. This is a legitimate reason for leaving home.

St Peter’s Cathedral will be open for private prayer at the following times:

Monday to Saturday in the “Day Chapel” (the chapel of the former Cathedral Convent) Midday -1pm.

The Chapel can be accessed from the gate/door to the left of the Pastoral Centre on Balmoral Rd, just up from Cathedral House.

Sunday in St Peter’s Cathedral Midday-1pm with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

All prayer will be silent.

In both locations wearing of a face mask, sanitising of hands, filling up the available seating from the front, and personalcontact details will be required. The Cathedral has a maximum capacity of 90. The Day Chapel 18.

Both locations will operate a one way system for the moment of people in and out. The Day Chapel is on a continuous level with the pavement outside, the Cathedral uses a chair lift for access. Regrettably toilets will not be available at these tiimes. A member of the Cathedral clergy will generally be available at these times of prayer. These arrangements are due tobe reviewed on or near December 2nd. Thank you for your cooperation.


Fr Stephen.

Cathedral Dean.