In 1995 the east end of St Peter's Cathedral was reordered to the present arrangement of the sanctuary in the crossing, with the Blessed Sacrament Chapel behind. The Jubilee triptych was returned to its original position upon the High Altar and the screen separating the sanctuary from the chancel was erected. The sanctuary floor was raised and tiled. The old cathedra was removed to the north transept and a new one, designed to match the altar and the ambo (thus stressing the link between the authority of the Bishop and the Sacraments), was placed behind the main altar. The lighting fixtures throughout the Cathedral were redesigned; the Corona Lucis ('crown of light') over the altar is particularly noteworthy. The Lady Chapel was redecorated and the Blessed Sacrament returned to the tabernacle on the High Altar. The interior of the Cathedral was embellished with decorative paintwork and stencilling throughout. Francis B. Roberts was the architect. 

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