prayinghandsHere are the Prayer Requests that parishioners and others have made during the COVID-19 lockdown when we have been unable to meet and worship together in church. This form of prayer request is like the book that can be found at the back of Cathedral but is not meant to replace it.

ID Prayer Requests
37 For my sister Shelagh,that she receives good news on Monday, With Love God Bless Alan & Margaret
36 For someone very ill
35 For someone very ill
33 Please pray for Brigid, Fi, Dominic and Ruari. Let God’s light shine through them , Amen
32 My mother died this morning. She was a life long and devote catholic. I'm not but I wondered if it would be possible to have a prayer dedicated to her. Mums name Vicky Hine
31 On 29 June I’m taking a friend to see her Eye consultant in Wilmslow. She is in much pain .Pray for a safe journey and a helpful outcome for the consultation.
29 Please pray for my Aunty Veronica who will be 100 on the 20th June 2020. May the Lord Bless her and keep her safe from COVID-19.
22 I ask Blessed Saint James Bell to help Paul.
21 For my sister Shelagh diagnosed with cancer recently. Thank you Margie
20 I have never asked for someone to pray for me before, but I have tried asking God for help for years with no success. All I have ever asked for in prayer is a peaceful life away from my abusive family. I have tried repeatedly to move away but with no success. There has been nothing but obstacles and a void of help. I feel very isolated and, despite my faith, far from God's grace. I don't think I can cope with being tested anymore. Thank you for this website. Hopefully, by finding this Prayer Request on your website, peace and love may start to enter my life and make me feel a part of God's family. Thank you.
19 On this Ascension Day may the whole of creation be taken up with the Lord and provide us with a new determination to be good stewards over the world given to us as gift. Amen.
15 As we all pray on May 14th with Pope Francis may see an end to this pandemic.
14 Pray for Grandparents who are unable to pick up and hold and kiss their grandchildren! Give them patience.
12 For Bishop Paul
11 Please pray for my Aunty Veronica who will be 100 on the 20th June. She lives in a care home where there have been eight deaths since February. The home is not sure if it is coronavirus as they have not been able to test the residents. Please pray that she is able to see 100 and receive her papal blessing from Pope Francis and her 'telegram' from the Queen.