Monday 24th December

6.30 pm : St Thomas More (Vigil Mass of Christmas)

Children and families from across the parish are invited to join us for this vigil mass.

11.30 pm : Cathedral (Carols for all)

Midnight : Cathedral (First Mass of Christmas Day)

Tuesday 25th December

9.30 am : St Thomas More (Mass of Christmas Day)

10.30 am : Cathedral (Mass of Christmas Day)

Please note : The final parish mass of the day will be in the Cathedral at 10.30am.


Fr Joe Maley, often referred to by his friends as JOCK, died on the 5th October 2018. He will have been known by many parishioners throughout LANCASTER diocese.  He was the Parish Priest of The Good Shepherd, Torrisholme for many years. May he rest in peace.