Bishop Paul Swarbrick

Ninth Bishop of Lancaster

Lancaster Cathedral

an oasis of calm in the heart of the City

Daily Mass Celebrated at 12:15 pm
The Bishop's Chair
Cathedra (Chair)
The Mother Church of the Diocese of Lancaster

Reaching out to the City and to the World

Always Open for Prayer ...
... And Praise!
St Thomas More Church

Sunday Mass at 9:30 am

The Stations of the Cross (or Way of the Cross) is a Lenten devotion. We journey with Jesus on his final day, from his condemnation by Pontius Pilate to his burial in the tomb.

There are fourteen ‘stations’, placed around the walls of the Cathedral. At each of these stops, there are reflections and prayers based on the event remembered. By taking these steps we become more familiar with Jesus’ suffering; in this way we appreciate more deeply how much He loves us.

In the Cathedral

The Stations of the Cross are prayed on Sundays during Lent at 4pm, and on Good Friday morning and evening. Details are given on the Cathedral newsletter during Lent.


Anyone is welcome to attend and take part in the Stations of the Cross. For details of other services, click here.