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St Thomas More Church

Sunday Mass at 9:30 am


Second Sunday of Easter.

Prayers & Readings for Spiritual Communion.  Download: 2nd Sunday of Easter Readings and Prayers.

Divine Mercy Sunday.  Download: Homily for the Second Sunday of Easter

Living through a time where nothing feels like it used to?

Sound familiar??

I’m not yet referring to our present situation because of the COVID 19 pandemic, but rather as a question asked of those first disciples  in the first days and weeks after the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel extract from St John in Mass today tells us that those disciples of Jesus who had remained in Jerusalem following the crucifixion were in lockdown! They were together not just in one house, but in one room in one house! Now that’s not social isolation as we know it now! However, it was a type of social isolation…not because of a pandemic…but because of fear. Jesus had been crucified as a criminal with a hint of subversiveness (proclaimed even by Pontius Pilate as “King of the Jews” at his execution). So being a disciple of the executed one was not a social plus…fear of capture and of a similar fate hung in the air like a contagion.

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 Why not remember Chrism Procession from @lancasterDioces @amh_home Chrism 2018 


Fr Andrew Allman




Source: Vatican News

Pope Francis has issued a video message this evening - before the start of Holy Week. The official translation of the Pope's video message is below:

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For Adults

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* Resources for Spiritual Comfort and Support

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* Sacred Space

* Download: COVID 19 Holy Saturday (NEW)

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Stations of the Cross then and now


















Sunday Mass celebrated by Rt. Rev. Paul Swarbrick, Bishop of Lancaster. the video was recorded in Lancaster Cathedral on the Fifth Sunday of Lent - 29th March 2020. Due to restrictions in place to combat Covid-19 there was no congregation present at this Mass.



Download: Service of Spiritual Communion Easter 3 

Service of Spiritual Communion. 

Third Sunday of Easter 2020. 

Sign of the Cross. 

A perfect act of contrition. 

From Bishop Paul (26th March 2020)  Download: Decree 26th March 2020 re COVID-19

* I dispense the lay faithful from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holydays. Whilst granting this dispensation, I remind them to properly observe the third commandment, ‘Keep holy the Sabbath Day’ (which is Sunday for Christians). Catholics who do not attend Mass should seek to sanctify every Sunday with personal prayers, or as a family praying together. Examples of these prayers might be making a Spiritual Communion, The Holy Rosary, Stations of the Cross, reading the scriptures or Sunday readings, reciting suitable hymns or praying the Mass whilst watching it online, listening to it on the radio, or watching it on television.

* I dispense the faithful from the requirement to abstain from meat on Friday,

* I dispense the faithful from the requirements of canon 920 which says ‘each of the faithful is obliged to receive holy communion at least once a year. This precept must be fulfilled during the Easter season unless it is fulfilled for a just cause at another time during the year.’ At the same time, I urge all the faithful in my Diocese to make a Perfect Act of Contrition at this time, noting that perfect contrition is true and real sorrow for our sins, which is created when we realise the immense love of God for each one of us. We express this contrition when we realise how we offend God by our sinful words, deeds and omissions in contrast to the immeasurable love and mercy that he continually shows us. This requires us to be contrite of heart for what we have done, know and be overwhelmed by the love and mercy of God for his children, and to approach this grace with humility and resolution not to sin again.

The following or similar formula should be used:

My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart. In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good, I have sinned against you whom I should love above all things. I firmly intend, with your help, to do penance, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin. Our Saviour Jesus Christ suffered and died for us. In his name, my God have mercy.

Easter Vigil Readings and Psalms.  Why not gather together to share the readings and Psalms from tonight’s Easter Vigil.  To register please complete the following Easter Vigil form and you will be sent a link to the Zoom Meeting. Starting at 7.00pm

Download: Easter Sunday PrayerEaster Sunday ReadingsEaster Sunday Prayer CBEW

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